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A Surprise Wedding- Pebble Hill Plantation

Remember when I posted about a “secret surprise” wedding? Well…. I am so happy to let y’all know that Neil and Tiffani exchanged vows at the Pebble Hill Plantation Pump House in front of family. I have been so excited to show y’all this wedding!

How was it a surprise… that makes no sense… right?!?! Nope. It makes perfect sense.

So, Tiffani was secretly planning a surprise 40th birthday party for him in his hometown of Thomasville Ga when Neil proposed. The were talking about dates, locations and what they wanted for their wedding. She HAD to tell him about his party since so many of the same out of town people were invited and it looked like the wedding would be so close to the birthday celebration.

So- they flipped the script! They came down from Atlanta and married at Pebble Hill while the surprise party guests were assembling at the birthday venue. The guests had no idea they were getting married that day and it would be a dual BIG celebration.

When Neil walked in and his guests yelled, “SURPRISE!!!” he told them the surprise was really on them.. It was a great day and I was honored to be a part of it! Congrats Mr and Mrs Brinson!!!!

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